a life of felt

W.I.P. July 21st, 2014

We’ve been away on a family holiday to France and had a wonderful time. I came back with a mission to make a crocheted gift so here’s a quick peek at what I’ve been busy with.


I have plans for some felting this coming weekend but in the meantime I’m off to finish the crochet and will reveal all later.

Just had to share June 29th, 2014

I came across the artist Hilary Fayle on the internet this morning and am so impressed and amazed that I wanted to share her work with you. The embroidery into leaves is incredible but her cut work is truly amazing and it’s all so delicate.


Full of colour June 23rd, 2014

Do you remember me making these pre-felts a couple of weeks ago?


They were made using dyed Merino from Adelaide Walker. I used all the colours except for browns, greys and black.

IMG_8123 - Copy


After attaching fixings to the back it’ll be going to the wool shows with us. Should add a nice bit of brightness to the stall.

Going, gone June 21st, 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words.


Preparing for the chop. Charlotte will donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust.  The hair is used to make wigs for children who’ve suffered hair loss through diseases like cancer. Charlotte also wants to raise funds for the charity and if you would like to support her you can do so at https://www.justgiving.com/Charlie-Battersby/


First cut!!!!!




Charlotte couldn’t stop smiling and frankly it was freaking the haidresser out. It was such a radical change she expected to see more nerves and far less smiling from her client.  Finishing touches coming up.


Very happy. Check out the mirror for a second view.


Cheshire cat time.



The hair was nearly 12″ at it’s longest.


Thank you to all who’ve already donated.

Going June 21st, 2014

Our beautiful daughter Charlotte is going for a radical haircut today. Before I tell you a little more I thought I’d share her pre-prom picture with you.

charlie & Jack

Very happy with boyfriend Jack Smith. They were both more nervous than I expected but when we got to the hotel it was quite a daunting crush of peers, parents and interested onlookers that they had to walk past. She put her hair  into a low roll or chignon for the occasion.


This afternoon the whole length of  it will be chopped off at the nape of her neck after which she will donate the hair to the Little Princess Trust. We think there’ll be over 10″ in length and the hair will be used to make wigs for children who’ve suffered hair loss through diseases like cancer. Charlotte also wants to raise funds for the charity and if anyone would like to support her they can do so at https://www.justgiving.com/Charlie-Battersby/

I will of course be posting before and after photos. For now, I fervently hope she’ll like the new elfin cut.

Metaphor 3 June 18th, 2014

As in my previous post, I’ve worked from a photo of cup and ring stone markings to create a drawing from sections, painted and torn papers then I’m moving on to manipulation in Photoshop.

The crop.

slim crop

Four copies of the crop manipualted to form one new image.


The new image tiled and colour added.


I’ve not put nearly so much colour on this but I thought the colours worked so well together that I didn’t want to do more. Shall we repeat the exercise?

The crop.

odd crop

Four copies of the crop manipualted to form one new image.


The new image tiled.


Colour added.


I don’t think this is quite so successful colourwise but it never ceases to amaze me how far it travels from the original inspiration.

Whilst playing around I also created this, unintentionally I may add.

odd & slim

Amazingly, I do know what I did and can recreate it. It’s an overlay of one tiled image on another creating an even more complex pattern. Rather lovely isn’t it?

Metaphor 2 June 16th, 2014

Having; drawn, painted papers and torn them, my next step was to photograph my work. Once photographed, I cropped a section from each and then began to work with them in Photoshop. Hubby was most helpful with this part of the process and I managed to complete it without losing my temper, although I did feel quite brain dead afterwards.

The crop.

swastika crop

The tile.


Then I manipualted four of the crop images to create one new image.


The new image was then tiled.


And colour added


I love the new pattern, feels a bit like William Morris stuff?

Another one soon.

Metaphor June 14th, 2014

A couple of months ago I was invited and felt privileged to join Metaphor, a textile group comprised of some very talented and friendly textile artists. It’s fun to meet with like minded people and I intend to work with materials other and as well as felt but before then, it’s back to design stage.

It’s not usually something I discuss very much here so I thought you might enjoy a quick walk through of the process I’m currently following. We’re studying folk culture and I chose to look at cup and ring markings on Ilkley Moor.

Below, are some of the specific stones I’ve used for inspiration.

Swastika Stone

and my drawing.

IMG_7970 2

Green Crag Slack cup and ring marks.

Backstone Beck

I drew sections from each of these then painted papers and created my images again using torn paper.

IMG_7971 2

Dobrudden Stone

and my torn paper interpretation

IMG_7972 2

and finally, I created a new pattern from some of the edges of the torn papers.


We then moved on to manipulate the images in photoshop which I’ll show in my next post.


Stash busting? June 7th, 2014

Recently I’ve done very well at busting some of my fibre stash, unfortunately as I’ve done quite a bit of spinning with it I’ve increased my yarn stash. At the same time, I’m spinning instead of crocheting so I don’t see my yarn stash been depleted in a hurry.

I’ve been playing with my drop spindle and have been delighted with the way in which this blend of camel and silk has spun on it. It’s spun quite fine ( for me) and so has taken quite a while. I didn’t want any waste so I plied it using this handy method. I haven’t yet learned Andean playing and I didn’t want to use Navajo plying as it would have made a chunkier yarn.


It was quite a light delicate coliur unspun but spinning always deepens the colour. Again, I don’t know how much yardage I’ve got nor any idea how to assess what weight of yarn this is but I do so want to use it.

I’ve washed it and set the twist, I think I might use an invisible method to join the mini skeins together that doesn’t waste any yarn. Then, once the niddy noddy arrives, I can measure the total length and decide what project to undertake. I’m fancying wrist warmer but the patternss I  like most are all knitted and I’m not sure I’m up to the job. A, I’m not great at keeping the tension. B.Some patterns seem awfully complicated and C. Since I’ve had carpal tunnel I find knitting for very long a bit painful. Might still have to do it though so that should be a stress fest :-)

Although I love the colour of this, beige just isn’t my colour. To dye or not to dye, what do you think?



Get together June 6th, 2014

I woke up in such a good mood this morning, I’ve been looking forward to today all week as I had 3 friends coming round for a crafty get together. It took us a little while to get round to the crafting element as the cake sampling was a priority. No photos to show you as Jeni’s orange cake was so delicious we’ve eaten it all (with help from Hubby, Daughter and her friend)

So much fun. so much laughing and lunch in the sun, what could be better? I’ve even managed six pre-felts for a couple of projects I’m working on.


Thank you Jeni, Heather and Sue, I’ve had a wonderful day and am looking forward to our next get together.