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Sofa repairs

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

It’s over the Christmas break that I seem to find time to have a go at something that’s been bugging me for a while. This year it was the sofa which has sustained terrible damage from one of the cats, right down to the wood on both corners.

I patched it up first with some hand made felt to cover the wood and bring the level back up to the same as the rest.

It doesn’t look pretty at this stage but no matter, you won’t see it when I’ve done.

It’s a big improvement isn’t it?  Hand crocheted madalas using yarn from my stash and then stitched on.

The sofa is 26 years old but it was only these areas of upholstery which needed attention. I saw the idea on facebook and am so glad I decided to give it a go, such an improvement and I’m thrilled with the result. Interestingly the hardest point was the time sat on the floor stitching them on!


Patchwork cushions

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

In September I assisted Charlotte in the making of two floor cushions for her room at uni. The fabric was bought from the 6 scraps for £5 bin at the Fent Shop in Skipton. All end of designer stuff and perfect for soft furnishings or tote bags.

I was allowed to cut strips, do the maths and press all the seams. Not bad for our first attempt at patchwork and they’re well loved and used.



University nesting

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

Charlotte suffers quite badly from homesickness when she’s away at university and has found it helps to do a significant amount of ‘nesting’.  I thought I’d try and help.

I’m happy about this little piece of art. It’s hand embroidered on hessian which cameas free wrapping on one of our deliveries, it’s backed with leftover fabric from curtain making (free) and mounted onto a piece of cutoff MDF (free) from the joiners next door to us at work. Turquoise is one of her favourite colours.

There was sufficient hessian to make another tote bag and I think I might even squeeze a third one from it!!

The biscuit exchange

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

So, I teased you last time with this image.


Our girl has a healthy appetite and seemed to be constantly hungry when she went to university, the same was also true for some of her friends and one in particular. They had a group chat. The chat was often around being hungry (no surprise there) and swaps of biscuit resources were undertaken, The Biscuit exchange was born and the group chat relabelled.

I felt this should be celebrated with a tote bag to carry further supplies 🙂   The centre of the biscuit and the words are hand embroidered with the rest of the biscuit being drawn in with a sharpie. It’s gone down a storm 🙂 🙂

I made three other bags for her friends but sadly forgot to take photos. I will do better.

It’s been so long

Friday, September 14th, 2018

It’s been so long since I posted and life has continued to happen but for some reason I’ve not had the energy. Some days energy levels are low and others non existent ,  so far tests have revealed nothing and the doctor’s current theory is it’s related to menopause – joy 🙁

Have I made felt? yes. Have I done any other textiles? yes but I just haven’t found the energy to talk about it and the longer I’ve stayed away the harder it’s been to come back. There’s so much I’ve wanted to say / show you and it’s been bugging me but I’ve decided the only way to get back is to not worry about what I haven’t said / shown. In the fullness of time some things may appear but others you may never see. I’m making a concerted effort to blog and try and get myself back in the swing of things.

Charlotte is back off to university next week, she’s passed her driving test and will be more mobile but the homesickness has never gone away and she’s not really looking forward to returning. Falmouth is such a long way away! One way to deal with it is to nest like mad so there may be a blog about floor cushions on it’s way, you have been warned. However, custard creams will make an appearnace before then!



New look

Monday, July 9th, 2018

I may have been quiet on the blogging front recently but there sure seems to be a lot going on in my life and finding time to chat here has been hard, added to which, I can’t seem to find any of the photos I need – they’ll have to wait for another day.

One of the things I’m currently working on is a new look for my website, something which is more up to date with the direction I feel I’m starting to move in and which reflects more of my newer work.

Squeezing time in for it is difficult but I’m excited to be giving it a new look and unveiling it to you, probably next month. Blogs and tutorials will stay and the gallery will get a new layout and be updated with some newer images. Watch this space.


Work in progress

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

I’ve not managed much felt making over the last month but here’s a glimpse of another project I have in hand. It’ll be a combination of hand sewn, machine sewn and  painted.

It’s on a calico base and is destined to be a gift. Once it’s been gifted I’ll be sure to let you see it. Oh! and don’t forget to ask me about my rust project.

Baby blanket

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

My friend’s daughter has just had a beautiful baby girl aww! They did know the sex of the baby in advance so I was able to crochet this blanket in the requisite pinks for her.

Not that it has to be pink for a girl but I knew the new Mum would like it to be pink. I think it looks like ice cream colours. Soft pinks, white and soft green.

A deep border and a picot edging finished it off. It’s in acrylic so it can be washed in the machine, always an essential with new babies I find.

Meadowhall To Sheffield Canal Basin

Friday, June 1st, 2018

We don’t live close enough to meet too regularly but my friend Mary and I squeeze in a few hours together whenever we can. Meadowhall is often our meeting point, close to the motorway, easy and free parking plus shelter if the weather is bad. The day began in our usual way with a coffee and a natter but as, for once, it was a glorious sunny day we decided to walk along the canal into Sheffield.

Sheffield is where I grew up and I’ve been along the canal many times but not for some years now.  Once we eventually found access onto the path the day began well with my first sighting of rust.

It’s not just the colour that excites me it’s the texture too, just like this wood stump, glorious texture.

You can see from the water that it was a windless day, there were a few folks along the canal but not as many as I’d expected and as it was a Saturday and the trams weren’t running it was rather quiet.

Why do we find dereliction and decay so attractive?  And oh just look at this rust, even the water is rust coloured.

Beautiful windows and a fab reflection but look, I was able to capture the old, the not so old and the new.

I wonder how long since the last time this was used to tie up a boat?

It even has a Yorkshire rose!

Our walk finished as it began, with more rust 🙂

It should have finished with a picture of the canal basin, Victoria Quays, but it was sunny and the cafe was calling to us. The Victoria Junction cafe has a great selection of sandwiches, jacket potatoes and dish of the day but if you’re not hungry there’s always the bar next door. We were able to sit out and eat (and natter) before nattering all the way back to the car.



Festival of Making

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

We were unable to visit this festival last year and so were pleased to make it along yesterday. The National  Festival of Making is held in the centre of  Blackburn across a range of venues. It doesn’t matter what your interest there’s things to do, food marquees, makers fair (might have indulged in both of these), teenage makers, music, craft sessions, art, more music, drop in and bookable craft sessions and lots of manufacturing references. I quite enjoyed the steam pavillion which was right by where we parked.

I loved the steampunk submercycle and the cathedral was a refreshing change.

It’s been added to over the years and so is a mix of styles, was only made a cathedral in the 20th century and has lots of modern art.

It also had a display of photographs by Wally and Harold Talbot which I enjoyed. Everywhere we went Blackburn College was heavily involved which was great. One of my top marquees was the one dedicated to keeping alive some of the lesser known crafts like brush making (I had a ago) and safety pin making. Along every street were drop in sessions including making jewellery from bottle tops with this as your inspiration.

Further along the street was the clayground where we each made an item to add to the glorious mayhem. Mine was a fairly poor flower and pebbles, Charlotte made a lemur but put it so close to my phone that I couldn’t focus!

Simon managed a respectable owl and then it was on to the next thing. The making of an asian wedding drew me and after making samosas (mine was perfect!) I got a henna tattoo. There is so much going on that I can’t tell you everything so take a look at the website and go along on Sunday 13th May if you can or there’s always next year.