The chosen name is Bartholomew or Bart for short. Sorry I can’t remember who gave that suggestion, but you know who you are, well done. Since Bart arrived I’ve been doing a lot of thinking around the design and the practicality of felting him. I had expected him to have legs and to felt those as well but the legs will be fitted later. There may be a chance that he’ll come back to me after his legs are fitted for me to felt them however it seems a slim chance given the timescales.

I’ve spent about five hours so far carding fibres for the background felt and making pre-felts (part made felt) for the motif. Looking at the background colours, I’ve becomes uneasy about using the motif I designed last week and my gut feeling is that I should revert to a soft, rounded flower shape. Bart has such a strong shape in the form of his body that it really needs something different on him.


It was necessary to dye some more fibres and thanks to Yvonne for explaining that it was the use of magenta in the mix that caused my pink problem earlier. Apparently it’s a strong colour which is grabbed more quickly by the fibres and the blue is left behind – at least I’m not the only one it’s happened to. I’ve also calculated the size of my resist for Bart and it will be huge – 171cm from beak to tail and 89cm from head to undercarriage. Bart will be the largest, most oddly formed 3D shape I’ve ever felted. There’s going to be fun ahead.

guinea pigP.S. Katharine has confessed to crocheting a penguin holding a snowball and wearing a stripy hat. To the right is a picture of Kate’s crocheted guinea pig – brilliant.

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