Fully fledged

finishing BartI spent another five hours on Saturday working on Bart and was shattered by the time I’d finished all that rubbing. In order to work all over the felt and get rid of any wrinkles I had to keep turning Bart different ways round and up, as you can see in the photo. Each time I thought that was it it was done and was shrunk to fit, I’d turn him round and find another baggy area. I seemed to chase it round for a long time before the last bit was finally done.

In a couple of places the seam wasn’t felting together properly and I was worried it would show and be a potential weakness for vandals to exploit. Out came the needle again and using invisible thread I stitched it together tightly and refelted the areas. I’m very happy to report that this did the trick and it’s invisible. The problem with the seam was always going to be the size of Bart and the fact that once wet, the felt would be heavy and tend to drag the seam apart as I moved him around.

When I’d finished felting I needed to rinse the soap out and thought I know, Simon mentioned a hose pipe in his joke instructions, a hosepipe would be just the thing. Well it wasn’t. I couldn’t get the pressure right and I soaked Bart, myself, the newspaper, the camera and my husband. Happily for all of us I reverted to a jug. The warm sunny weekend was great for drying Bart off and I’m really pleased with how he’s turned out. He’ll be leaving me soon to go and have his legs fitted and I won’t see him again until he’s on display as part of the Flights of Fancy section of the Grassington Festival. The Yorkshire Dales National Parks Authority may display him at the car park in Grassington but once I know for sure I’ll add a note here. I hope you like him.


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