New arrival

Angela with curlewI collected the curlew on Wednesday afternoon and thought if I held it you’d get a better idea of the size of the bird. As you can see he really is quite haughty and the names suggested so far include: Bertie, Dale, Heath, Julius, Mooree, Hector, Bartholomew, Cornelius and Dave. There’s still time to put forward your own suggestions. I was disappointed to discover his legs will be added later as I’d planned to felt those as well, however it will make it easier to felt around.

Now I’ve been able to take a good look at him, I’ve decided the best way to lay it out and achieve my design aspirations is to make it on one huge resist which I’ll cut in half later and stitch back together on the bird. This will ensure I obtain the flow and that colours don’t look patchworked.

I’ve also been working on the flower design to come up with my own stylised flower motif. Initially I played around with a few traditional flower shapes but it wasn’t working so I began playing with the shape of the curlew. As you can see in the pictures below I started with the shape of the bird in flight and worked on taking the wing shape forward. The curls on the ends of the wings are quite attractive but then I wondered how it would look with the wings going back towards the tail. This is my favourite shape, it’s simple, stylish and can be easily replicated in felt. The thick dark line denotes an outline felt in a different colour and helps to give it a retro feel.


Samples for colours and textures are in production but I wanted to share with you an email received from my husband this week whilst he was in a humorous mood. This made me howl with laughter, I hope it does the same for you. I quote:

Instructions for felting an enormous fibreglass curlew

You will need:

  • Enormous fibreglass curlew
  • A herd of sheep, any breed to suit, preferably capable of swimming 4 lengths of the pool in their pyjamas
  • A small sponge
  • Several buckets of water
  • A firehose
  • Small pair of nail scissors
  • Garden shears
  • Lawn mower – the ride on type will be ideal
  • Some industrial standard road digging equipment, preferably the sort that is now illegal within the EU
  1. Measure your curlew carefully from top to bottom.
  2. Using a small sponge, moisten your sheep gently, working from the head backwards.
  3. When this has no appreciable effect, try emptying your buckets of water over the sheep
  4. After this has failed, get the little b**gers with the firehose. That’ll show them what you can do with opposable thumbs. Ha!
  5. Learning from your previous errors, discard the nail scissors and the garden shears and go straight for the lawn mower
  6. Mow your sheep in an orderly manner, paying particular care to ensure a smooth stripy finish.
  7. Wrap the fleece from your herd around the enormous fibreglass curlew
  8. Equip yourself with protective scarf and steel toed carpet slippers and gently massage your enormous fibreglass curlew with illegal road digging equipment until well felted.

Safety note: Under no circumstances should you attempt this if you :

  1. think you might be pregnant
  2. suffer from any of the following: sheep allergies, inability to complete simple questionnaires (including those designed by idiots)
  3. have any family history of sanity

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