Nuno masterclass

Well the weekend workshop with Charity Musoma van Der Meer went very well. We began by making a sample top using Charitys’ methods. It seemed a resonable size and I naively wondered if it would fit my daughter when completed. How wrong I was, it will fit a small teddy bear and I do mean small

Working large pieces on small tables was probably the greatest challenge we faced but there was some absolutely fantastic work produced. Below are images of the front and back of my top which I chose to make more like a waistcoat than a tunic. It is silk chiffon with merino 100s, on it I have put  two woollen yarns, one fine silk yarn, throwsters silk waste, ramie fibres, scoured wensleydale and some plastic rings covered with a wool yarn. Everything stayed on.


Some people chose to add frills rather than texture to their pieces and you can see an example of a skirt and a top below. Aren’t they both gorgeous.

nuno skirtMargaret Chalmers

I really enjoyed making this but I’m not sure that I’ve been converted to making clothes in felt. However, it has made me consider other ways in which I can incorporate some of these techniques into my other work. Maybe not yet, but hopefully by the autumn you’ll see a difference in what I produce.

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