I enjoyed my visit to Woolfest for several reasons. Firstly: bumping into (literally in some cases) lots of friends and colleagues, I think I spent more time chatting than looking. Secondly, I liked seeing the sheep and this year there were some Rough Fell on show, they are enormous sheep. Never mind shearing them I think you could saddle them!

Thirdly, it was interesting to take a look round the suppliers and see what was on offer, I didn’t even overspend all thanks to my trusty list. I got some beautiful Teeswater Curls that should keep me going for quite a while and some dye for the jacket I made.

This year there seemed to be more knitting and weaving than in previous years and it was very busy even on the Friday. If it gets any more popular you won’t be able to move around the show very easily so my advice is to go early and allow lots of time for what you want to see. There seemed to be more suppliers and less crafters to me which was a pity. It’s a shame that Fibrefest is so far away or I’d be tempted to go to that one too.

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