Visiting Bart

The exhibition of curlews at Grassington has been extended until the end of July and artists were informed in case any minor repairs needed to be made. I rang my sponsors ,YDNPA, and asked how Bart was getting along to which the answer was “OK, but his nose has grown with all this rain and he looks like an old man”.

Curious to know more and to see what, if anything, could be done, I went to Grassington this morning to take a look for myself. It wasn’t as bad as I’d feared, his beak had extended about an inch due to the torrential rain we’ve had just recently. So I set to with some soap and water to bring it under control once more.

What a sight I looked standing there with his beak in a jug of water as I tried to soak the felt in readiness for working it. What had previously been a quiet road suddenly seemed thronged with people looking askance at me and asking if I was feeding him. The vigorous rubbing of the felt made him wobble on his stand and altogether I felt more than a little conspicuous. Karen at the YDNPA took a photo of me in action as you can see below. My husband took one look and said “strange woman assaulting a curlew”.

Angela and Bart

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  1. Dear Angela,

    Oh, did I get a chuckle from this post. What a sight that must have been. Your husband’s quote was so funny! Laughter truly is good for the soul. Thnak you for your wonderful posts…I enjoy them so much.

    Take care,

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