Felt United comes to Ilkley

Saturday 3rd October is the first International Day of Felt, where felters around the world are encouraged to show their art using a theme of yellow through red.  A few of mad souls have banded together to do something for the day and this has quickly snowballed into a felt trail around the town of Ilkley

We have a number of shops involved including: a cafe, 2 dress shops, menswear shop, art shop, pet shop, hardware store, gallery, haberdashers, 2 charity shops and the local newspaper offices. I can’t wait to see what beasties Katharine produces for the pet shop! I hope to begin showing some of the work over the next few weeks and will definitely do a gallery of the trail as well.

The local region of IFA (International Feltmakers Association) is also involved and will be exhibiting a number of small tops. They’re gorgeous and look like dresses for teddy bears.

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  1. Angela,
    I have been putting together the media page for the website (due online early next week) trolling the net for mentions of FeltUnited… and to my great surprise I read about all of the plans your groups is arranging.

    All I can say is…..You guys rock!!!
    All the best,
    Cynthia of FeltUnited

  2. Hi Angela, I hope you have a great day on 3rd, unfortunately I can’t join you as I will be travelling back from my trip to the States!

  3. Beasties well into production. I have taken the slightly childish route for most of my stuff but there will be a few more sophisticated items on display at the pet shop

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