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It’s traditional to toast the felt rug before the final unveiling. We had a go at the workshop at penning our own with each person contributing one line.

May it welcome many friends both two and four legged,
We hope the love in its making is somehow reflected,
And joy in the heart in the friendship and humour it gave us all in its making
May our muscles recover and our laughter continue
In celebration of new skills discovered in our pairs,
As it sits in our houses collecting memories all year through

Below is the front and back of the rug by Julie Blyth, brilliant when you consider what a novice Julie is.


We also discovered that we had a poet amongst us as Alison Brindley came up with her own uniue toast.

Ode To The Felt
 Our patterns we laid on the front and the back
We used all the wool – in fact a whole sack!
We rubbed it and bashed it and threw it around
We rolled it and thrashed it down there on the ground
We took it outside and got lots of strange glances
As we pranced up and down doing weird rhythmic dances
We’ve learnt to distinguish the fleece from the tops
We’ve dried up with towels and wrung out the mops
We’ve waded through water and formed a small lake
But had lots of laughs and some rather nice cake
We’ve all done so well and are feeling quite smug
As we each head back home to show off our new rug
So let’s raise our glasses and let’s make a toast
To Angela Barrow our wonderful host!

I know I enjoyed the workshop and most have been kind enough to let me know they did too so it looks like I’ll have to repeat it next year. Jeni said “I had a really enjoyable two days so thanks for your company and support.”

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