Creative packaging

I’ve just come across this blog which I thought I’d share with you. There are tons of ideas for creating your own wrapping and packaging. Not only does it explain branding but there are loads of links to other sites with tutorials on making your own tags and padded bags being but two.

Worth a read I thought and now I have to go away and think how to be more creative with my own packaging. I’ve been considering whether to add gift wrapping as a separate paid for service to my shop. Any views on this and packaging in general? How would you like your goods to be packaged?

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  1. I love the idea of individual wrappings.
    What we did in Africa was to wrap in textured brown paper, and wrapped with a lovely ‘rough’ twine. At the knot we added a small guinea fowl feather and twigs with a brown parcel label written in gold.

    Its little things like that, that really complete the whole. I still wrap presents for special people in material and use twine and buttons to finish off.


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