Felt Trail

The weather here on Saturday was absolutely awful. Simon used a polarising filter to photograph the felt but it was a struggle.

SPENCERS adress weaverbird

The pictures above show: Spencers meanswear, Adress dress shop and Weaverbird Art Framers. Most items in Weaverbird were wrapped in cellophane so didn’t photograph as well as they might have done. Below you can see Phillips jewellers, who did a splendid job of showing off the felt, and Mortens hardware.

phillips phillips2 mortens

It was too difficult to get shots of the Art Shop, 5th Avenue and Oxfam. The pictures below are of Cakewalk, a shop for vintage and handmade items.

cakewalk cakewalk2

The final images are Duttons for Buttons and Young Pets which is a fantastic display that will stay up for two weeks.

DUTTONS youngpetsyoungpets2

Although we saw a few people walking around on Saturday I’ve been unsure just how popular it was given the awful weather. However, my daughter cheered me up immensely on her return from school with the news that the children had been talking about it (unprompted by her).

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  1. Your FeltUnited images are beautiful! While the weather might not have been great, the felt work certainly was! Lots of wonderful creativity! Thank you for sharing.

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