Life after Felt United

Life does seem rather quiet now and yet I’m still very busy. I can only put the change down to a lack of gossiping with other felters about the felt trail we had in Ilkley. Maybe what I need is another felting challenge. First there was Bart, then the felt trail, what could I possibly do now to fill my already full time?

It’s a curious phenomenom that when an event is over you still don’t have any free time to get on with all those other good ideas you’ve been having. Why is that? Am I slowing down or is time speeding up? Maybe I should just stop pontificating and go bake a birthday cake for my daughter. It’s not felt, but at least it’ll be one more thing ticked off my ever increasing list of things to do.

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  1. I am lost too, I am still faced with all the jobs that got put to one side to meet the deadline but at least it kept me warm and distracted. Now I must face the reality of a extension that is still awaiting a building warrant and no central heating until the extension is complete. If I don’t get the base poured in the next few weeks and the blockwork up it will not be water tight by christmas. I am supposed to be starting my level 3 city and guilds in January and doing course work in the cold does not appeal at all. Maybe I should felt myself an all in one like we used to put the kids in as baby’s but at the moment I don’t think I have the room because I don’t have the extension, and so the circular argument goes on………

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