My shop opens at last

I’ve had a shop on Folksy for quite some time but as I’m paying for my website to advertise myself and my workshops I thought I may as well try and run a shop. It seems to have taken a long time since I asked my husband to build me a database for the shop. Simon rose to the challenge and was quite quick in completing his portion of the work, even taking lots of photos and writing a batch process in Photoshop to resize them. I know we’re married but he really has been brilliant.

The biggest problem has been writing the item descriptions for, as each time I wrote one, I found another thing that needed changing. Simon has been very patient with requests for change and has been equally diligent in ensuring that it has been built the right way.

On Friday I finally managed to find a chunk of time to put the last details in and lo and behold it was less of a task than I expected. I wonder why it took me so long? After testing the shop doors are now open and I’m waiting to see if anyone visits and more tantalisingly, if anyone buys. Wish me luck.

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  1. Well done Angela! Your site looks fab- so colourful and easy to get around, even I managed!! Good luck!

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