Not just felt

I’ve been very busy this last week and not just with felt. My daughter and I decided to make some crocheted ruffle scarves as Christmas presents and once I start one I tend to find that I become obsessed. It’s so hard to put it down until it’s actually finished. I’ve done these as spirals before but the addition of extra stitches turns them into ruffles and I think they’re gorgeous and fun. With the fancy edge this one reminds me of a caterpillar.

scarf1 scarf2

Last year when I was running an after school textile club for kids I made (with help) shopping bags using the sewing machines. I thought it’d be fun, environmentally friendly and teach them to use sewing machines. I liked them so much I made three for myself and have been asked to make more as friends want to buy them as Christmas gifts. Whilst doing this I came across a remnant of fabric with handles already made from a long abandoned project. Here’s what I’ve done with it.

red bag 1 red bag2

I’m really pleased with it. The decorations are pre-felts from another long abandoned project so, I’m chuffed that I’ve managed to turn two abandoned bits into something useful and very striking. I intend to use it tomorrow when I go shopping. Isn’t it great to finish things!

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