To be or not to be

Take a look at the picture below. I designed this a couple of days ago as part of a set of four. Each heart is the same colour but the backgrounds are different. They’re quilted together using free machine embroidery. I made them large enough to take a wine glass so that they could become coasters and I’ve tested them with full and empty glasses (essential research).


The problem is my OH doesn’t think anyone would use them as coasters not least because they’re fabric. I’m doubting myself now. Are they to be or not to be coasters? Please help, what do you think? If not coasters, what other uses could they be put to?

2 Replies to “To be or not to be”

  1. Two suggestions –
    *Leave them uncategorised, let who ever buys them to decide,
    *Advertise as coasters
    oh and three (I’m on a roll)
    *turn them into exclusive bunting – 5 in a row on a cord to pick out colours.
    *oh oh and another one……..
    *embellishments on coats/bags/hats
    tell me to stop!
    or or or how about –
    *on the bottom of a scarf!

  2. Stop! I’m getting the idea but I’m not suire how I’m supposed to find the extra hours in a day to make as many as these would use up. I shall do my best, it gives me a lovely glow to know they’re so well liked.

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