Productive weekend

As I finished that bag earlier in the week it inspired me to get on and do something else which I’ve been putting off or ages – make a draught excluder. Every time I feed the cats I notice how cold it is near the back door and think I must make a draught excluder. Then I go off and do something else.

I had a look around the internet at patterns for excluders in the shape of dogs and snales and then thought what am I doing? I don’t want an animal shape! So I went a found a piece of fabric from my stash and made a cylinder. Then I realised it needed stuffing, what to use? I was pleased with my next idea which was to stuff it with some fleece which I’ve had for 3 years (another project!!!) which used it up and has left me room to buy more 🙂 The whole thing only took me 15 minutes why did I put it off for so long?

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