What a brilliant day

I spent yesterday teaching a lovely group of people to make nuno felt scarves and we had a brilliant day together.We began by dyeing the silk chiffon for the scarves, which challenged us as we dragged colour mixing from our memories and set about the task.

scarf workshop 001

scarf workshop 002scarf workshop 003

After dyeing we set about sampling the nuno technique using cotton muslin and a synthetic material, You can see some examples above. We had two synthetic fabrics, one of which felted very well, the second wasn’t very successful. Lunch gave us the opportunity to reflect on the samples and decide on a design for the finished scarf. As you can see below, the results were stunning.

scarf workshop 012scarf workshop 013
scarf workshop 015scarf workshop 016
scarf workshop 017scarf workshop 019
scarf workshop 022scarf workshop 023

It constantly amazes me that we begin with the same resources but produce such very different and unique results. I really do think that this was a particularly successful workshop and the people involved were very creative. If only I got to keep what they created. I think they had as much fun as I did and I also have to thank them for leaving me some cake.

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  1. Hi I heard it was a good day- Ginny brought her 2 scarves round to be inspected by everyone on the yard at 9 am Sunday! She’s better at nuno than me.

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