Christmas greenery and lots of it!

It’s nearly a week since my daughter and I went to the wreath gathering to make our Christmas decorations. In addition to the ones I made there, which I’ve only photographed today, I’ve gone mad and made some more. It’s become quite compulsive and it was really hard to stop and go start making tea. Here are the ones I made last week.


The one on the left shows three of them on the runner I made today. I thought the large red flowers looked good with the red glass candlesticks and best of all, the fabric was leftover from an item I made as a Christmas present, but that has to stay secret for now. The ones below were made by my daughter.


Not content with eight decorations I made one for the mantelpiece and three more for the porch.

I’ve made a wreath for the door as well and I’m wondering where else in the house I could fit some more in. After all, there’s still lots of greenery in the garden.

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  1. Oh Angela –
    They look even better in situ!

    So glad you got bitten by the green-bug and made more once you were home, you where not the only one! Several more were made and appeared around the village on Sunday.

    It was a fun day and I’m so pleased you both joined us xx

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