More Christmas felt

As promised here are some more of the items I’ve felted this Christmas.

Christmas treeChristmas wreath
Christmas candleChristmas mantel

It’s a shame that the photos don’t show the twinkle on the felt but the tree, the wreath and the mantel cover all have angelina fibres in the felt. I started the tree on a resist using pre-felts and then finished it by rubbing. I lifted the leaves regularly to stop them sticking to each other. For the wreath I covered a polystyrene ring with fibre then glued the prefelt flower and leaves on. It was quick, easy and effective.

The candle decoration is fibre wrapped around twigs from the garden which have then been glued together and are actually more stable than they might look. (thank goodness for hot glue guns)  The mantel cover has been edged in blanket stitched gold thread. I think it’ll look lovely when I get the lights up and some greenery on the mantelpiece.

Christine has been kind enough to share some pictures of her Christmas offerings. Aren’t they lovely? I really fancy the brown cushion with the flower and seed heads and the red dolphin one is very nice too, although I’ve nowhere to put that one!  Keep them coming.


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  1. Your photos are lovely Angela – the one of the melting snow on the mantle piece is excellent!

    Thank you for joining us today – it was wonderful!


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