Yippee, snow and Christmas

When I went to bed last night it was snowing, at 2.30am it was snowing, and it’s snowing heavily now. We’ve had an extra three inches so we’ll be off sledging and snowman building shortly. It looked so lovely by street light that I went out early and took some photos in the dark.


I thought mine would be the first footprints in the snow but as you can see, the cats have been there before me. The presents are finally wrapped with some of the dried orange slices and leaves on them. Don’t they look pretty. We’ve made our own crackers. Loo roll interiors, clean jokes, newspaper hats and gifts that will be useful rather than landfill fodder.


The final picture is a selection of the paper snowflakes we’ve been creating. The intention is to make them into a snowflake mobile of which I may be able to show you a picture later. The last thing to do (bread and veg shopping already done) is to make a lemon drizzle cake for pudding tomorrow. Merry Christmas all.

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  1. Hi Angela.Your website is great! We enjoyed your report of the 24th December. Beautiful presents, beautiful very British decorations. Kisses :-*

  2. good morning, angela! thank you for your nice comments on my RepeatsSoSweet.com site. it brought me here to see your beautiful work, too!

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