Finishing Day

Whenever I teach a workshop I make an item as a way of demonstrating technique. Often, I don’t finish them on the day as I’m busy assisting people, so I recently decided to have a finishing day and thought you’d like to see the results.


As you can see I liked the simple design of this bag so much I repeated it. Rather than a flap I created two rolls to become the fastening. They might be quite interesting beaded as well.

The slippers below are made of Norwegian and hand dyed Swaledale fibres. It’s quite a hairy mix but it works very well for slippers as both fibres are so hard wearing. I enjoyed stitching into them even though they are a slightly difficult shape for that.


I’ve been working on items for my Bringing the Outdoors In workshop which I hope to show you soon.

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  1. wow these are both great but i particularly love your slippers! it’s great when you get to finish off items that have been hanging around for a while – i have a box full and every time i start something new i look at the box thinking, one day i’ll get all of that finished 🙂

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