I started this bag some time ago whilst teaching the technique in a workshop. As usual, it’s taken me too long to get around to finishing it but here it is at last.

I used off cuts from pre-felts for the shapes, they seemed too good to waste and I even used one to form the flap over the bag opening. The background is carded purples with the addition of dyed throwsters silk waste. After felting I stitched around the shapes to give greater definition, added the button and plaited some embroidery threads to complete the fastening mechanism. To fasten the threads on I left extra long end to the plait which I then sewed into the flap of the bag.

I think I like the finished bag but wonder is it just a bit Halloweenish?

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  1. I don’t think it’s halloweenish really–i’d say it was more spring-ish! i know several people who love orange any time of the year…and with the light purple its seems happy and cool 🙂

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