Just the rejects

Sometimes I seem to have a sieve for a memory. Today, I delivered the male and female Marsh Harriers, which were well received by RSPB Leighton Moss and which should be out and about in schools next week But, I FORGOT to take photos of the finished items! I have asked the nice people at the RSPB to send some to me which I hope to show you next week. What I can show you is shots of the two birds which I rejected, mainly because they’re bigger than the size I’d been asked to make.



You’ll have to excuse my fingers in the shots I wasn’t sure how else to show them and take photos at the same time. As they’re actually quite good birds I think perhaps I should try and recycle them by changing them into ‘arty’ Marsh Harriers e.g. adapting tails, putting a crest on the head, covering it in circles. So if you have any suggestions of how I mght do that please post your comments here. I’ll choose a suggestion and see how far I can change the bird.

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  1. Thin wires supporting them above drift wood, with both the birds and the wood echoing each other with patterning.
    Just a thought

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