Obsessed with birds

I’ve been working away on the marsh harriers for the last few days and I’m defnitely getting obsessed. I made the prototype in black to help me see the shape and practice my technique. Then I did it in browns with wire in the wings. If that wasn’t enough I’ve done the female twice more since then. Nothing wrong with the finished items I just couldn’t get the size small enough.

On Saturday, I started the birds again. One of my main worries has been the shade of brown to use, every image I look at seems to show it differently. But, at long last, I decided on the shades and got on with it. I cut the wires, blended the colours and needlefelted the shape ready for wet felting. Yesterday I wet felted and finalised the shape of the birds and left them to dry.

This morning I should be attaching them to gloves ready for presenting tomorrow. So, do you think I’m doing that? NO. Instead I’m needlefelting the male some more as I’m not happy with the head shape. I really hope this works because I don’t want to start again. Any more practice runs and I’ll have a flock. Plus, it really does need to be finished and dried today or I’m up the creek without a paddle. Wish me luck, I’ll show you the pictures later.

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  1. Hi!
    I was just looking at your flickr and then got on to your very nice web site and ran across this bird blog! I was making birds with my sister and so it was fun to see your entries and what you experienced! I will send you a link to my set in just a minute! I like the idea of connecting it to a glove to get the ultimate flying feeling. Will that attachment be with a velcro or will you sew it on? Will you be doing this event with children? If so, my twin sister Tara Herberger who is also a felter has just put in a proposal for a summer art grant, where she wants to do this with teenagers and make a permanent instillation for a public space! If you want look her up on flickr and chat with her about it! You can link into her pictures because she commented on mine in flickr, so you just have to click onto her icon.
    Bye for now and keep up the great textile work!
    Julie Herberger-Dittrich

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