One happy daughter

Two years ago I made my daughter a felt handbag which she’s absolutely delighted with and uses all the time. The handle is a homemade cord which digs in slightly if she overfills the bag. So I thought it was about time I made her a new bag to carry all her rammel (which increases with every year) and which doesn’t dig into her shoulder.

You can see how well worn it is. My daughter really appreciates handmade items and owning things that are unique so I wanted to create something usable, not too large and definitely one of a kind. Let me introduce you to spotty bag.

You’ll notice from the extra wide feature flap that the inside is bright turquoise. The outside is primarily purple with brown spots and some turquoise highlights. The handle was made separately of brown wool and has been threaded through and knotted after felting. Occasionally it’s nice to add the handle later and make more of a feature of it. The handle is nice and thick which means it won’t dig into her shoulder when the bag is full.

The fastening is a cord made from tapestry wool with the ends felted into the flap. No sewing – yippee! A shanked button will be added to complete the fastening mechanism. Perhaps I’ll emebllish with a few beads as well. I even remembered to include a mobile phone pocket on the inside so I have one very happy daughter now. I wonder how long the bag and the happiness will last?

5 Replies to “One happy daughter”

  1. ooh – please adopt me!!
    She’s one lucky girl, I’m sure she’ll get lots and lots out of it (and in it!!)
    PS – keep that lunch date free 🙂

  2. that bag is absolutely gorgeous! no wonder she is thrilled with it – I love the turquoise flap which pours over the side

  3. Thank you Judith. I notice the old bag is no longer in use but surprisingly, the new one is not yet full of rubbish.

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