Rust inspired picture

I’ve had a fascination with rusty metal for quite a long time. You only have to ask my husband – the times I’ve had him carrying back large items from beaches and country walks. It looks fabulous when installed in the garden and it’s been in my mind for quite a while to produce a series of items inspired by rust.

So when I saw this mage and re-discovered this small piece of rust it seemed time to make a start. It’s probably not the most successful piece of felt I’ve made but it’s a good start to get me working on the subject. I envisage that I will work in both 2D and 3D and want to attach pieces of actual rust to the finiished felts.

The fabric pieces are crystal organza which gives a lovely texture when felted in and the curls are dyed teeswater. I wanted to get not just the colours but texture as well. In future I think I may use cut back techniques for added texture and depth. Not sure if I should stitch into it, what do you think?

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  1. I love the colour combos with the rust and turquoise – beautiful. Rust metal by it’s very nature is not shiny, so may be matt shades to mimic the peelling back of layers of the oxidised metal?


  2. Not sure Abigail, perhaps patchy long and short stitch to represent rust patches. Maybe some single stitches around but nothing with any particular pattern

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