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When I first decided to create a website I couldn’t find a name that I liked for it and in the end decided on using my name to trade under. I sometimes think it’s a little pretentious to use my name after all I’m not a top designer (yet), but if it’s good enough for other people in all walks of business, it’s good enough for me. I’m from Yorkshire and I am who I am right? So far everything tickety boo.

Then, last year, I decided to add a blog to my website. I’m using wordpress to power it but it’s embedded in my site so it all fits together. The problem comes when people link to my site and I often get listed as Angela’s blog. Now I’m not complaining, it’s absolutely fantastic that people want to link to me and I thank them all. It’s just that Angela’s blog seems a little lame and definitely doesn’t say anything about what you’ll find here.

So, your mission should you choose to accept it, is to suggest a name for my blog. I’d probably like the word felt in it and it mustn’t be too long. Can you help? In return for comments with suggestions I will work my way round and feature each of your blogs / shops in return. It’s the least I can do. I do hope we can find something interesting.

My husband has a way with words and comes up with little quips. His suggestions are “Felt mutterings”, “Felt better”, “FeltQuirks”, “Feltorama”, “A matter of felt”. “A mutter of felt”, “Strange felting lady”, “Felting yorkshirewoman”, “Feltwoman (faster than a speeding plane)”, “ThinkFelt”,” hmm…

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  1. Hi Angela,
    I really enjoyed looking through your site, and i agree with you, you are what you are , me to lol
    I like
    Design Felt!
    Angela’s Felt
    Felt by Angela

    I think Feltorama already belongs to some else.
    your husbands matter of felt is good to ,

    ok have fun with finding just the right name :))


  2. I like “A Matter of Felt” for a blog….catchy and sounds informative like a blog would be. Best wishes!!


  3. Hi why not just add the word felt before designs. I think lots of different felt tags (or categories) so you show up on searches more. So needle felt and wet felt, nuno felt etc.
    Hope you find the name that’s right for you.

  4. Very astute review of the current marketplace sites and their status, but I think both the uncontrolled growth and complete lack of quality control has actually made most of these sites a lot of effort (for sellers) with little results. Unless the site picks you as a seller to promote, your products can’t be found by the shoppers they attract. The price points are too low, and being only one store on sites with both tens of thousands of items (Artfire) up to 5 million items (Etsy), the heyday of the marketplace sites is over. They have not been positive for the handmade product.
    I suggest you start contacting the new, small, boutique sites that either invite sellers to join, or require you to submit sample jpegs of your products before allowing you to open on the site.
    I do not think that paying upfront fees for any marketplace site is worth the money today. They aren’t worth it, and may not be around much longer. Set up a Google alert for “sites that sell handmade” and you will start getting list of sites that pre-select their sellers.

  5. How about Heartfelt? I called mine clothencounters after the film of nearly the same name..that is if you have a lisp. Love the variety of stuff you do, whatever you decide to call it! Sheila

  6. Wow, I learned a lot from your post and Nancy’s comment. Thanks, so much, to both of you for the valuable info.

    Here’s my suggestion for a name: Fabulous Felting or Fabulous Felting by Angela. Maybe: The Fun Felter or Wide World of Felting. How about: She Felt Compelled. Maybe: Fibers, Felting and Fun.

    Thanks for including us in the search for a new name! 🙂

  7. How about
    …..Just FELT right
    …..FELT art
    …..FELT and fibre
    …..FELT this!
    …..Under a FELTed sky (my favourite but then I am a bit of a dreamer)
    …..It FELT good
    …..FELT like nothing before
    …..FELT beautiful

    Mind you – with some of those names you might get a **different** sort of customer if you know what I mean – nudge nudge wink wink!!


  8. I have read where several people have changed their blog names back to their own names as they became better known. More people would search for their name online and were having trouble finding them. These were people who were doing a lot of teaching and their work was perhaps better known but it is something to think about. Perhaps you could use Angela Barrow Designs in Felt?

  9. Hi, I think… Why not FeltTeaching, FeltTeacher, FeltLandy, FeltIsland like a dream…sensitive, intuited,something very strong and very good, mainly because it is very good to do it.

    I researched a lot about it felt and then to do.
    You will know Angela !

  10. ” Feltogether! –”

    I love this site. Specially your nice and soft scarfes.

    Best Regards, SMM Minzoo.

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