Named – thank you

Thank you so much to everyone who gave suggested names for my blog. There have been so many to choose from and I’ve liked several. To save you having to read the comments here’s a list

  • Felt mutterings
  • Felt better
  • FeltQuirks
  • Feltorama
  • A matter of felt
  • A mutter of felt
  • Strange felting lady
  • Felting yorkshirewoman
  • Feltwoman (faster than a speeding plane)
  • ThinkFelt
  • Feltmatters – unfortunately this is the name of a felt journal
  • Design Felt
  • Angela’s Felt
  • Felt by Angela
  • Heartfelt – already in use I’m afraid
  • Fabulous Felting or Fabulous Felting by Angela
  • The Fun Felter
  • Wide World of Felting
  • She Felt Compelled
  • Fibers, Felting and Fun – I like the illiteration
  • Just FELT right
  • FELT art
  • FELT and fibre
  • FELT this! – getting a bit dubious here
  • Under a FELTed sky
  • It FELT good …..FELT like nothing before – definitely dubious
  • FELT beautiful
  • Angela Barrow Designs in Felt
  • FeltTeaching
  • FeltTeacher
  • Felt wanderings – this and the next few came in by email
  • Felting against the stream – sounds hard work!
  • Felt outside the box – am I lost?
  • Felt out of the mainstream
  • Felt up a sideroad – definitely NOT
  • A life of felt
  • Felting the world
  • Felting life

Until I listed them I hadn’t realised just how many suggestions I’d had. A Matter of Felt and A Life of Felt are the two that appealed to me most although Felt Teachings was a close third. In the end I decided that felt matters to me but it doesn’t really matter when you consider the plight of the homeless, the destruction of rainforest and extinction of animals. ‘A Life of Felt’ appeals because irrespective or where I am or what I’m doing I see the world in felt. ‘Ooh, that would look good in felt’ and ‘I could felt around that’ or’ I could put that in my felt’ are common thoughts. So A Life of Felt it is.

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  1. Wow … what a list of suggestions! How wonderful (and fun) is that! πŸ™‚

    I like the name you chose … and the reasons.

    Congratulations on your new name!

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