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I was commissioned to create three vegetable pictures. They’ll be used in a research laboratory which works with children looking at how we can get them to eat more veg. I know my own daughter goes on and off different vegetables and fruit although overall she’s pretty good about everything except green salad. I usually substitute: raw white cabbage for the lettuce, red peppers for the tomatoes and peas instead of cucumber. It seems to work okay. Before they go off to their new home I wanted to show you the pictures.

I know they’ve used bright wall paint in the lab and I wanted to provide equally bright pictures with the vegetables in forms the children would recognise. Each picture has an element of low relief. Nothing too exaggerated or it’d be difficult to frame them. I hope they’ll be liked.

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  1. These are just beautiful and I love the idea that they’ll be used to help kids get interested in veggies. That really is art with a purpose! 🙂

    I’m hosting an art challenge at another blog this week (a team I belong to) … the theme is “How does your garden grow”. These would be perfect for it. Entering the challenge gets one visibility and some traffic to their site … as well as gets an entry into the monthly giveaway. If you’d like to enter, here’s the direct link:


    I hope you’ll enter your work … it’s so beautiful and deserves to be shown off!

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi there-popping in from Inspiration Avenue-what a lovely contribution to the challenge. And your daughter’s “alternative” salad actually sounds like a tasty alternative for ANYONE.

  3. These are gorgeous – my favourite is the carrots. The contrasting colours will really appeal to the children I think! I love your work 🙂

  4. Gorgeous artwork! I was browsing your blog and all of it is lovely!
    I am sure these veggies will be a hit.

  5. What a fabulous submission for our weekly challenge and having worked with felt I’m in awe of your talent – gorgeous!

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