2 down 4 to go

It’s been a very busy week as I’ve been out and about working with the six schools in Skipton, to produce felt wallhangings for display at Art in the Pen. This has been my first opportunity all week to blog and I hope you like what you see. First up is the work by year six children of St.Stephen’s Catholic School.

Culture is the theme to reflect that they have children from over ten countries in their school. Each child produced a picture and we made the winning entry as the wallhanging. The background has carded fibres and recycled sari silk fibres. Next up is the work by year five and six children from Ings Community Primary School.

You can probably guess the theme – seaside. The artwork was based on work they’d been doing around seaside and a trip to the beach on the previous day. We’ve incorporated pieces of fishing rope and broken glass found on the beach. Haven’t they all done well.

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