Spotty Runner

Last year my daughter and I sat and cut out loads and loads of pre-felt circles for a a school project. Not all the circles were used and they’ve just been sat waiting for a new project which I came up with yesterday. I decided to create a new table runner and to use up all the different coloured spots on it. After a little thought I decided that I’d sit them on a natural grey merino fibre.

It’s a lovely mix of light and dark grey and sets off all the colouirs very well. At the ends I’ve also cut out more circles for added interest. There are five cut outs at each end.

I decided not to include white and to keep it to coloured circles only. The pile of waiting circles looked very large and yet I had to cut out more. Obviously I cut out too many more and now there’s a small pile waiting for a new project – unbelievable!

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  1. thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Entry for Inspiration Ave’s “How Does your garden grow”-it seems you and your daughter have a LOVE FOR COLORS AS MUCH AS WE DO!

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