Bunting happiness

Well, what a great week. Your response to my plea for help with bunting for my daughter’s birthday is wonderful. It’s heart warming to realise what a lot of helpful, co-operative and generous people exist out there and I’m so lucky because some of them actually read my blog!

So far there are flags coming from three continents and with each pledge of a flag my daughter’s grin gets ever wider. To know that the bunting now has more chance of being finished on time and each time we use it we’ll remember friends across the world is an amazing thought.

Heather has jumped in feet first with a promise of two, Kate was quick to offer loans of bunting, Reduce Footprints has really helped to get the message out, Mary Anne gave me an idea for quick sparkles (spray paint and glitter), Florcita is very busy but is determined to help if she can , Tiffane has promised two and Trudis a dutch feltmaker living in Spain has offered to make one.

Trudis is so quick she’s already made her flag and blogged about it too but she’s not the only one who’s been busy. Lucie promised one, has made four which are already making their way to me and has sent me a photo. Here they are.

Aren’t they great! I never realised so many different people were reading my blog and it’s taken me to visit some really lovely blogs too, a benefit of this project that I hadn’t foreseen. I’ll keep updating you as new flags arrive or are promised and I’ll show you my pathetic attempt at crocheting a flag. It’s really not going well.

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  1. Well… I made 3… crochet… but I’m not sure I like them because these are experiments. I mean, I don’t know how to crochet! aahahaha but it’s so warm I don’t feel like doing much more than laying on my hammock outside and crocheting sort of fits. Question… what was the deadline??? Do I have a few more days of experimenting so i can send you something decent?

  2. Lying in a hammock crocheting sounds fun, definitely better than sanding down walls and woodwork ready for painting. I need the flags for Sptember so you have plenty of time yet although I’m sure your experiments are better than you think. Why not publish them on your website.

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