Bunting – well it was suposed to be!

I promised to show you a picture of the bunting flag I was kniting and here it is.

I don’t know what was going on but I did undo it several times and yet this was still the best I could do. It’s lurex and it was awful stuff to work with. It slips around all over the place and somehow I didn’t notice dropping a stitch so I think I’ll not use it as is but will put it into a felt flag. It has all the appeal of a dishrag. I nearly gave up with knitting at this point but my next yarn was more successful.

Even though I thought crocheting might be easier I didn’t see how I could do it with this fancy yarn, you can’t see the stitches so I stuck with knitting. It’s worked out well, so well I made another one.

They might not look it in the photos but this fancy yarn is slightly sparkly and it feels lovely to stroke as well. That now brings my total of completed flags to twenty two. I’ll keep you updated as more come along.

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