Even more bunting

I’ve received another flag delivery and this time it’s pictoral. The lovely flag below came from Lynne another Yorkshire girl. I’ve been focussing on pattern and colour so was very pleasantly surprised to receive one with a picture on it. Thank you Lynne.

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before but yesterday I went through my stash of felt to see if anything was suitable to use for the bunting. Luckily I found a few but there wasn’t any bling so I sat and sewed some sequins on.

I really like this last one and it pushes my bunting total to 34.

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  1. WhooHoo … 34!! Yay! What fun to have flags from everywhere … and they are so pretty. They will be such a unique keepsake for your daughter. I hope you’ll be posting pictures when all the flags, and candles, are in place for the party!

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