Half way!

We’re at the half way stage, thirty flags! The excitement level raises each time the postman calls and today has been no exception. First up are the two flags from Heather in America. Heather has included angelina fibres in the purple one and glued crystals on the pink one for extra bling. As a mum of four girls Heather well remembers the 13th birthdays.

I was also delighted to receive the flag below from Els in the Netherlands. It’s beautiful colours and has loads of texture with the use of quite chunky pre-felts.

They’re fantastic – thank you both. It’s wonderful having different people involved in this project as each flag is so different. You’re all putting such effort in that I’m ashamed to say I was in donkey mode doing mine – head down, plodding away. But I feel rejuvenated and am definitely going to try harder to make mine more interesting.

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