No more decorating!

At last, after thirteen days of decorating we’ve finally finished the bedroom. I was beginning to think it would never end. Just when we thought we were making progress an old stain came through the new paintwork and yes we had put stain block on before decorating. We’ve put another two layers of stain block on and repainted twice more.

Of course I had to ask for the wall mounted phone to be moved, my husband agreed we should move it but we were both fed up when the plaster crumbled as we drilled and we had to start filling the wall again. However, despite the set backs it’s done and it looks fantastic. When we put the old turquoise paint on I loved it but was very tired of seeing it now I have this pale calm space with a feature wall. Get me! Must have been watching too many decorating shows on TV.

When we went to choose teal coloured paint for the feature wall we both independently chose a purple wallpaper with a silver print. It’s sophisticated, not like us at all really. The room looks like something from a boutique hotel, it won’t last.

I’m so glad the turquoise has gone, I’m so glad the old water stains have gone, I’m so glad the old ruckled and loose wallpaper has gone, I’m so glad the decorating is finished and I can sleep in my own bed again. I’m not very keen on the yellow in the hall though.

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