Parceval Hall Gardens

We took a family trip out to Parceval Hall Gardens in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s not the biggest gardens but they’re very pleasant with some lovely plants and brilliant scenery from the terraces.They’re well hidden away down a dead end lane so you won’t be looking round with a cast of thousands. It has plant sales and a tea room with really nice jam and cream scones. What surprised me was to learn the hall was built in 1929 as it looks much older.

I don’t know what plant the seed heads are from in the first picture but I fell in love with them and if anyone knows what they are please tell me so I can buy some. My daughter and I also had a go at land art which was tricky as the breeze kept moving the petals.

Can you tell what it is yet? No, me neither but it was fun doing it.

My husband took some great insect photos as well.

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  1. Morning – not 100% sure but it might be an allium seed head – I was wondering about the Allium Nectaroscordum.
    The land art petals are very pretty what were they from?

  2. I know that plant!! I have it in my garden too.
    Will search for it as I am not sure the name which pops up in my mind now is the wright one 🙂

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