School’s Out!

No, I don’t mean my daughter is home for the holidays, I have finally finished all the work with the primary schools in Skipton. Some of you may have read that I sent two of the hangings back without taking photos but here for your delight are two which didn’t slip through the net.

As you may have guessed, the theme is World Cup. There was no way we could have avoided that theme this year. Each of the children involved from Greatwood Primary made a piece of pre-felt to their own design and then we put them all together to make one hanging.

The theme here is Global Awareness. Children at Parish Church school were invited to submit designs then we looked at which elements appeared time and time again and composed a hanging from those elements. Lots of teamwork to achieve this in a short space of time.

I think the children from all schools have done fantastic work and once I have them back for the Art in the Pen exhibition I’ll show you all six together.

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