Art in the Pen

Today is the start of the Art in the Pen show at Skipton auction mart. Each of the artists sets out their wares in a cattle pen, a more unusual venue for art but somehow it works. It’s also the reason I haven’t blogged for the last few days as I’ve been doing the 101 things needed to get myself ready.

Tonight is preview night with the show opening to the public tomorrow. In addition to showing my new range of scarves I’ll also be demonstrating wet felt making. It seemed a good idea to do this show as it’s close to home and had previously been good for sales and for enticing people along to my workshops. Right now though, I’m wishing I hadn’t signed up for it as I’m actually more in holiday mode and don’t want to do work when I could be out playing with the family.

However that’s enough sulking from me, must go do more stuff. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when it starts, I usually do.

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