Not only did Sheila send three flags for my daughter’s bunting she was also very kind and sent me one of her doodles. I’ve admired Sheila’s doodles for some time, she’s very talented and I think her doodles would sell. The one below is now all mine and will be mounted and take pride of place in my newly decorated bedroom.

It’s inspired me and my daughter to have a go as well. This first one is mine, only black and white I’m afraid.

The next three are all from my daughter who seems to have something of a new obsession.

With each design her patterns have become bolder, they have a real contemporary feel. I think I may just have to frame these three. Also, I’m thinking perhaps doodled Christmas cards might be nice.

4 Replies to “Doodling”

  1. Oh wow Angela… these are great, you and your daughter are way up the ladder, if these are your ‘beginnings’ I look forward to the next stage. I am seriously thinking of doing Christmas cards this year too. I am so glad you liked your doodle and am delighted to figure in your new decor!


  2. Thank you Sheila. I confess that my daughter seems to find it easier to think of patterns than I do, especially as I don’t really like straight lines. I do think this will be a good activity to take on holiday with us.

  3. Thanks Abigail, they’re not hard to do provided you can keep coming up with patterns. I have tried one in colour like Sheila’s but it really wasn’t up to the mark.

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