Happy bunting

Not sure if the bunting is actually happy (although it’s not complaining) but it certainly makes me happy to receive more. The two beautiful flags below are courtesy of Kim in the Netherlands who is incredibly busy herself and still found time to help me out. Thanks Kim.

I particularly like the embroidery on the red flag. Kim has embedded some bling into the felt and then cut back to reveal it at the end. The metal scrollwork in the red one is a nice touch too. Below are three more from me which have been made from my felt stash and then I’ve added bling with sewing and sequins to the purple ones but the blue had the bits added during felting.

My total is doing really well as I’m now at 42 – more than two thirds of the way there. With such a boost from other people the target of sixty flags now looks achievable 🙂

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  1. LOL my intentions with the metal scrollwork was to show you you can easily slide a rope/ ribbon throug when assambling the bunting:) I did the same with the green one, but as the resist moved one side felted together 🙁 and then I descided to felt it on without a resist so all the wool (over the resist line) got stuck together too.

    Only 18 more to go!!

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