Ilkley Flower Show

Our daughter has participated in the flower show before and has even won a cup in the children’s entries but my husband and I have been onlookers, until now. We’ve decided this year that we should all be involved this coming Saturday and have chosen a few classes each. The first is an adult class for photography. Hubby and I have entered the ‘winter scene’ class.

These two were taken by my husband and below is my entry taken early one morning.. He’s threatening not to speak to me if I win.

The next category we’ve entered is ‘something red’ and this time the whole family is head to head. First up are my husband’s entries.

The insect on the flower was taken by my daughter and as I just happened to have some hanging around, I took the one of the bunting. I wonder who will win and will we still be speaking. I don’t think mine will win but at least it’s a different subject. Our daughter has also entered a children’s photography class with a picture of her best friend.

This is our youngest cat Pan and the one she adores the most. You should see them cuddled up in bed together watching a DVD – sweet. Pan is the most amenable cat ever, he never minds what you do to him and is just as happy to be upside down as curled up asleep with his brother.

Our final marital head to head category is ‘something new from something old’. A few weeks ago my husband had to build a new fence panel and salvaged the timber from the old one which he has now turned into a striking aysmetrical bird box. In my usual way, I decided to use this opportunity to do a project that’s been in my head for some years and which hadn’t even got started yet and that was to make a cushion. It’s going to be made from parts of jeans which belonged to my daughter and which were trashed beyond the point of being able to be passed on.

I’m sure you’ve all spotted the problem with mine – it’s not finished yet. I’ve one last seam to cover with yarn and then I can begin to make it up. At least putting it in the flower show means it will get finished. I am worried as I know that the judge will be from the WI and will spot all my little mistakes which my daughter won’t notice and wouldn’t care about if she did. Yes, of course this is for my daughter – again.

These aren’t the only categories we’ve entered. My husband has entered the lemon drizzle cake class and I’ve committed to making cheese scones. We think our lemon drizzle recipe is a winner but if you have an award winning recipe for cheese scones now would be a good time to share it with me!

I’ll tell you more about the other categories later – wish us luck.

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  1. Well … I’ve always admired your talent as a fiber artist … now I see that talent runs in the whole family. Both you and your husband do a great job with photography … but I have to say … your daughter has a great “eye”. The composition of her pieces is really wonderful (I adore the picture of the flower with the bee on it). What fun! I believe that photography helps us to see the world differently … to see what most people just pass by.

    Love the bird house … very nicely done!

    Wishing you all luck!!! 🙂

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