New toys

Ever since we went kayaking in Canada we’ve been considerring buying sit on kayaks and having a go here. At last, we’ve stopped thinking about it and bought them. They’re not only sit on they’re inflatable! This has good and bad points. It does mean they fit in the boot so no trailer or roof bars required but it also means they have to be properly dry before we put them away.

Officially, we’ll take turns in the single kayak but unofficially, it’s mine! As some of you may know I have problems with my neck and so prefer to paddle alone as it means I can go at my own pace and stop whenever I’m tired. Well, that’s the line I’ve fed the family and so far everyone is believing it.

We’ve already been up to The Lakes and kayaked on Derwent Water – so peaceful, so nice I want to do it again. Paddling across the lake didn’t seem bad but paddling back seemed about three times further. Perhaps two miles was stretching it for a first time.

This is all the equipment drying after our lake adventure. The more tired I became when paddling the wetter I got. The only regret is that I didn’t pack more food, after such strenuous exercise we were all ravenous.

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