Trauma, trauma, drama

Today is the Ilkley Flower Show. Hubby had entered the class for lemon drizzle cake, came home and baked the cake last night. Not sure why, but it wouldn’t rise and turned out a lemon drizzle pancake. never mind, plenty of time for another go this morning. So at 7am it was off to the shop for some extra caster sugar and this time it all went right. He got the paper really smooth inside the tin, it rose and browned beautifully and smelt really gorgeous. It was carefully stowed in a tin for transportation and loaded into the car along with all our other entries.

Then, I noticed it perched on the back seat where a tap of the brakes would send it hurtling to the floor and advised we move it. Why oh why didn’t I keep quiet. We moved it alright, the lid came off, it came straight out of the tin and into mid air where my husband deftly caught it but in doing so put his thumb in it. Ruined! No chance of entering it now and looking at the other entries I reckon he was in with a good chance.

Today is his birthday as well so it’s not a good start to the day. I’m off to get the sackcloth and ashes but I don’t know how to make it up to him and restore his smile. We’ve still got all the drama ofthe other entries to worry about as well. Lots of good competition, my stomach gets butterflies just thinking about the judging and I can’t wait until we know the results.

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  1. We notified the organisers that we couldn’t bring that entry and received the comment “silly man” – how sexist and patronising and where was “Oh dear, how disappointing”? My daughter and I were quick to point out that it wasn’t his fault but it wasn’t a great moment .

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