How do you do it?

I like to see felt on the wall but how to get it there can sometimes be problematic. Speaking to a local framers I’ve discovered that mounting with double sided sticky tape doesn’t always cut the mustard as the felt peels away over time and ends up having to be glued in place. Now glue works very well but it makes it difficult to remove the felt from the mount without cutting the felt and destroying the mount. Disappointing if you’ve decided to reframe or use as a hanging instead.

In the past I’ve put a hidden channel in the back of the felt and threaded a rod through it. This is quite effective but after a while the felt moulds to it and the line becomes visible. My favourite method is to sew curtain rings on the back and either hang the felt from those or from a rod threaded through them. Sometimes the points at which you sew the rings on can become visible on the front (esoecially in softer felt) and occasionally the top of the felt begins to curl over.

Stitching the felt to another fabric like calico and stretching the calico over a frame works. In the one above I’ve glued it to the canvas with spray mount and then put in a few decorative stitches which makes sure it’s held securely to the canvas.

So my question is How do you do it? How do you mount your textiles, especially felt, and not have any sign of it on the front.

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  1. a good question – one i am not able to answer well yet – only just started thinking about this issue really – incorporated tabs for poles are things ive used before.

  2. I’ve not had to hang felt before, but other textiles that I’ve hung include crochet work, weaving and appliqué/quilt-y type things – I don’t go for the hidden away technique, I use the ‘show it as part of the artwork’ type hangers.
    Drift wood or rusty iron above a piece of fabric is a brilliant contrast and hopefully adds to the finished article

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