Nearly there

It seems like a very long time since I began my project to make felt bunting for my daughter’s birthday. After twenty I realised I was struggling and many of you came to my rescue -thank you so much.

These are my latest contributions from Susan Hibbert. They’re gorgeous with little bits of silk and stitch for added bling. I knew my daughter woule be very taken with the blue one and she is. Susan has also been involved in a very large project at work. The Yorkshire Agricultural Society have commissioned a piece of felt wall art based on a David Hockney image. Take a look at the website to see how it’s progressing.

I decided to go away and add up how many flags I had, expecting the total to be 50. Imagine my delight to discover that I’m actually at 56! Dashing off now to try and finish the last four – I hardly dare believe it.

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