New Batch

Life certainly seems to be very busy at the moment but I have managed to make four more flags for the bunting.

Only after I’d made the brown ones did I realise I’d set my sights on not using any neutrals. However, my daughter came home from school and loved them so much that they get to stay. I’ll add some bling tobunting, felt, flags them which’ll be a nice little project for me whilst watching TV. Tracy has promised me two more (thanks Tracy) which means I now only have 12 left to make. Getting closer!

4 Replies to “New Batch”

  1. ooh, i really like these ones too 🙂 i can’t wait to see all of them displayed for the party. well, i’m happy to say, that i got two off in the post to you yesterday, hope you like them.

  2. Hi Angela,

    I will make 2 flags for for you! I’ll get them off shortly – may have them for the flowers workshop this Friday!

    Susan Hibbert

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