Flower workshop

It’s a few days since the actual workshop but this has been my first opportunity to show you what we made.

I’m sure you’ll agree that they’ll look fabulous with beaded centres and attached to bags, hats or coats. We used different techniques to make the flowers and included some fabrics and threads to give extra texture and detail. The key to achieving specific shapes without the need for excessive cutting is to be careful with how you lay your fibres out. The final two flowers are examples of a technique of multi layered flowers without the need for stitching the layers together.

There’s one which is destined to take a part in Halloween celebrations, I’ll let you work out which one. Although it’s not a flower you can see the same technique was applied to making the brown leaf which I think is lovely. What a talented bunch they were.

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  1. beautiful!
    The obvious choice would be a dark and sultry one, but the way you ask ‘which one is the Halloween flower’ – I’m going to choose the pink and spotty one!

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