I’ve done it, I’ve done it! You have to imagine the jig I’m doing at the moment in celebration of reaching this milestone. These are the final four.

All I need to do now is string them together – photos of that later. However, just 60 flags wouldn’t be enough would it? No, of course not which is why good friend Kate has loaned me these (thanks Kate).

Just need to work out where to hang them all and pray for dry weather for the birthday, then they can all flutter in the breeze.

5 Replies to “Sixty!”

    I can just picture you dancing around the house, trailing banner flags on wisps of yarn….:)

    I know this will be such a special party for your daughter. Please take lots of photographs of the candles and flags!!


  2. how well you know me. I’ll take lots of photos of the finished bunting anfd loads of it in action – I promise. After all, I owe to all of those who have helped me along the way.

  3. And you don’t look a day over…..!

    Well done, your last four are very pretty – I love the pale blue and hearts. Hope they all ‘flutter’ happily in the breeze on the big day 😉

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